Frequently asked questions

What is the ideal age for starting to learn music/dance/art?

There is no age limit to learn something new. However, we have students between age group 4 – 50 years.

How many classes are there in a week?

There are 2 classes in a week. Each class is of 1 hour.

How much should I practice?

To learn and improvise faster, you need to practice at least 30 minutes in a day.

If I am not able to attend a class in a week, will my classes be adjusted?

You need to inform us at least 1 day in advance so that we can adjust your class. Maximum 2 classes will be can be adjusted in a month.

Do I need to carry my own instruments for the classes?

You need to have your own instrument so that you are comfortable with it. This also helps you in practicing at home.

How many students do you have in a batch?

There are not more than 5-7 students in a batch. However, individual attention is given to all the students.

When can we join the course?

One can do the formalities and join the classes in any time.

When do I need to pay for the class?

On the day of admission you need to fill up the form and deposit your fee. For rest of the months fee should be deposited during the first week of the month.

When are the exams conducted?

The exams are conducted during December/May.

Do you also provide home tuitions?

No, we do not provide home tuitions. However, timings are adjusted for extremely occupied and working professionals.

Do you organize any stage shows for the students?

We organize stage shows and workshops to promote Indian performing arts and to showcase the skills & talents of our students. We also have an annual event every year where every student gets an opportunity to perform on stage.

Is there any dress code for the students?

For Indian dance forms, suit with dupatta is compulsory. For western dance forms, legging/track pants with t-shirt should be worn. For other classes there is no dress code.

Do you offer any fee waivers?

We do offer fee waivers to the needy students who can’t afford but are willing to learn.

Do you take online classes?

Yes, We do have an option for learning online.

Is there a facility to give examinations?

Yes, Annual examinations are conducted every year for, diploma, graduation and post graduation courses.