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Krti Academy of Art & Culture - Who Are We?


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    Krti School of Dance

    Krti School of Dance aims to provide quality dance training in various dance forms from Classical to western from experienced faculties to give the students an opportunity to learn, express themselves and perform.

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    Krti School of Music

    Krti School of music provides musical education in all the domains of Indian classical music and Western music. Both vocal and instrumental music are taught to enable them to become professional musicians.

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    Krti School of Fine Arts

    Krti School of Fine Arts  provides various courses in the field of fine such as drawing, painting, etc. that develops a  foundation in becoming an independent thinker and a creator of your imagination.

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    Krti School of Creative Arts

    Krti School of Creative Arts provides the hands-on training theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and techniques to boost the creativity and the level of enthusiasm of the students to develop them into professionals.

Star Student of the Month



Many Congratulations to our Drawing & Painting student, Aditya Patoa, for winning 2nd Position in the Art Competition held at Silchar, Assam.


Many Benefits....

If you are looking for music dance, vocal or fine art lessons in Indirapuram, you've come to the right place. The benefits of enrolling at the academy are many...


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Our History....

Krti Academy of Art & Culture was started in 2011 with the mission of giving an opportunity to the students to upgrade their Skills and Knowledge and to promote Indian culture among the new generation...

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