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Krti Academy of Art & Culture was started in 2011 with the mission of giving an opportunity to the students to upgrade their skills and knowledge about the performing arts and to promote Indian culture among the new generation.


We believe that everyone, from kids to adults should be given the chance of enriching their lives through music and experiencing the pure joy of dance with easy leaning and low pressure! Our knowledgeable teachers and staff are highly committed in training every student for bringing out the innate talent within themselves.


We aim at imparting professional training to everyone, be it the beginners or previously trained individuals. Our specialized curriculums have been well designed under the guidance of the experts of the respective fields. 


With the professional and experienced faculty base, the high level quality and teaching techniques we aim at making the leaning process motivating and a fun filled experience for the learners. 


We maintain a family friendly relationship with the students and their parents which motivates them in achieving their personal and professional goals. We at Krti Academy believe in turning the passion of the keen learners into profession. 

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Krti Academy of Art & Culture | Shakti Khand - 4, Indirapuram |

Tel: 0120-6492206 | 8527523200

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  • Regular stage performances and events.

  • Giving students the opportunities of Audio - Visual recodings, televisions & films.

  • Classes in groups of 5 - 7 students.

  • Professionally qualified and certified teachers for all the courses.

  • Classes on weekdays and weekends both.

  • Flexible timings to suit the needs of others. 

  • Regular parent teacher interactions.

  • Yearly certificate examinations.

  • Special attention to every individual student.

  • Special dance classes for ladies/house wife by lady teachers only.

  • we guarantee the success of our students in their respective field.

Message From Chairperson's desk

It makes me feel proud to the head of an institution that aims at promoting the culture and tradition amongst the people through performing arts. Indian forms of dance and music promotes Indian culture throughout the world and western forms of dance and music have helped in promoting globalisation through which we know about the culture of other countries. I hope that this initiative is long lasting which can only be achieved by the support and cooperation of the youth and parents.